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Osteopathic Telehealth Consultations
Telehealth exercise

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we've been forced to look at alternative ways for our patients to access advice and information from our Osteopaths, and for us to stay in contact and monitor your progress.

As of April 14th, we're implementing Osteopathic Telehealth Consultations. A phone or video call might not be suitable for everyone, so if you're a current patient, we're offering your first Telehealth consult free.

We use the Zoom platform, instructions on how to download it are below, or if you're not very tech savvy, our very own tech guru Dennis will be happy to talk you through it - or you can even bring your device (phone, tablet, laptop) into the clinic and he'll set it up for you!


If you are a NEW patient to the clinic, you can have the first half of your normally hour long appointment via Telehealth. We normally allow 30mins to take your case history and 30mins for hands-on treatment; but if you want to minimise the amount you leave home, and maximise your social distancing measures, we can take that history via Telehealth. You will still need to attend the clinic for examination, diagnosis and treatment if appropriate, but this approach will limit the time you are in contact with your practitioner.

FEES: The history taking portion of your New Patient visit will be billed at $25, and the face-to-face component will be charged at $79, the same as a regular appointment.

It's possible your Osteopath might decide they can "treat" you via Teleheath too! In this case, you'll need to book a Telehealth consult (see below), but they will discuss this with you during your history.


If you are a CURRENT patient of the clinic and would like to have a catch up with your osteopath to get some advice and check in with any stretches or exercises they might have given you, you can book a 15min Zoom consult for $20.

How to access Telehealth

You will require the ZOOM app on your mobile or laptop to participate.

Below is a direct link for you to go straight to the ZOOM APP Store or Google Play




  • We will be send you a MEETING ID for your consult via text the night before.  If you book on the day, we will send you a text with this information ASAP

  • All you need to do is click the blue +Join  button and enter the numerical code in the Meeting ID box and follow the instructions

  • Make sure ahead of time that you have decided WHERE you are going to do your consult (somewhere quiet and allows you some room to move)

  • Ideally, your phone, laptop or computer should be 2-3 metres away from where you are going to take the call to allow us the best viewpoint to observe, show and teach you any exercises or stretches suitable for your condition.

Payment Options:

You can either give us a call and pay with credit card over the phone, or you can select a consult and pay online via our Online Store or the links below.


None/some/all Private Health Insurance providers may cover some or all of your consult, we are happy to email you a receipt for claiming purposes.

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