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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Aside from the known precautions in regards to patients being required to self isolate if they have returned from overseas or have come into contact with a person with a known infection (click here for the Australian Department of Health Isolation Guide) we are asking patients to help us help you by adhering to the following requests:

~ If you are feeling at all unwell or under the weather - please cancel your appointment. No “no-show” fees will be charged.

~ However, if you decide to self isolate or cancel your appointments, please let us know ASAP. We currently have a waiting list and would like to offer your appointment to someone else.

~ Please bring only yourself and any necessary carers to your appointments. Leave family and friends at home or with a carer.

~ To help reduce cross-contamination we are asking patients to bring 2x bath towels and a hand towel to appointments. If you want to wear a mask, feel free to. A clean pillow case would also be helpful.

~ The government is enforcing a "two-person-only" rule in waiting areas. As such, if you arrive early, please remain in your car until the time of your appointment. When you do arrive, advise reception of your arrival. They will either direct you to wait in one of the other rooms, or ask you to wait outside or in your car.

~ When you arrive, please wash your hands and then DON’T TOUCH YOUR MOBILE (or keys/wallet etc)!

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