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Important Covid-19 Update

As a result of the Victorian Government Stage 4 lockdowns, Allied Health Practitioners can only see face-to-face patients who are urgent and have a GP referral.

As such, we have had to cancel all future myotherapy and osteopathy appointments.

Pilates will once again be moving to virtual/Zoom Pilates. Stay tuned for a Pilates update.

The clinic will be closed from 6/8/2020 - 9/8/2020 while we implement changes.

This means that unless you have a written referral from your GP to see an Osteopath, you will unfortunately have to wait until current restrictions are lifted before seeing one of our Osteos again.

What constitutes a written referral?

If you currently have an EPC/CDM/TCA from your GP, this constitutes a referral. You can also arrange an EPC/CDM/TCA from your GP (via Telehealth) to see us.

DVA patients are also considered to have a GP referral.

A letter from your GP stating that you require Osteopathic treatment to manage your condition also constitutes a referral.

Remember you CAN travel more than 5km for medical care.

We are in the process of devising a “shift system” for the osteopaths to cover the reduced requirements. Please be patient while we finalise this.


If you feel you would just like some advice about how to handle your condition over the phone, we are offering Telehealth consultations. Telehealth might not be suitable for everyone, so if you are a current patient, we are offering your first Telehealth consult free. Unfortunately Private Health Insurance doesn’t cover Telehealth for osteopathy at this stage.

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